Laura Esculcas

Life Adventurer, Labyrinth Facilitator, and Transformation Coach in Portugal

Laura Esculcas

Life Adventurer, Labyrinth Facilitator, and Transformation Coach in Portugal

About Me

Hi, I'm Laura Esculcas (sounds a lot like uh-skool-kush).

If you're in need of change, going through change, or just looking for inspiration along life's journey, get in touch! I love guiding folks through periods of self-discovery, especially by crafting labyrinth programs that serve as gateways to transformative experiences. I'm all about inspiring learning and growth! I'm an Advanced-Certified Labyrinth Facilitator, Faculty Member, and Labyrinth Facilitation Trainer with Veriditas, a non-profit dedicated to inspiring transformation through the labyrinth experience.

We are bridges between the visible and invisible worlds, endowed with the power to shape our world in harmony with Spirit. In an age when machines are becoming more human-like, we human beings must reclaim our spiritual roots, recalling our purpose and offering our gifts in alignment with Creation.

Are you ready? Let's connect. Get in touch and consider joining one of my upcoming events!

About the Labyrinth

The labyrinth is a walking meditation, an ancient and ancestral pattern, and an interactive field of learning and self-discovery that invites you to pay attention to your inner wisdom. The labyrinth has only one path with no tricks or dead ends. Unlike a maze where you lose your way, the labyrinth is a spiritual tool that can help you find your way.

Upcoming Events

Online Handheld Labyrinth Meditation (FREE)

  • June 21st at 4 PM Pacific / Midnight UK
  • August 23rd at Noon Pacific Time / 8PM UK
  • September 6th at 4PM Pacific / Midnight UK
  • To register, visit

Private Consultations

What do you want to dream into being? Get in touch and be inspired to new discoveries about yourself and your power.

Online Courses (Pre-recorded)

Recent Events

  • Work
    • Earth Shamans, Co-Founder
  • Education
    • Master of Arts in Wisdom Studies
    • B.S.Ch.E
I would highly recommend Laura's mini-pilgrimage offering. It has given me a new perspective on how to approach towns and villages in Portugal.
Susan, Toronto